Spectating my sisters triathlon

July 5, 2013

This last Sunday my older sister, Anna, raced in an all women's triathlon in Austin, Texas. My dad, Kathleen (younger sister), and I drove up to Austin very early that morning. Anna, Jake (her husband), and Craig (Jake's brother), drove up earlier than us to get her to check in and transition on time. We stopped at Starbucks at 5:45am to get some coffee. Let's just say, the car ride was very interesting after some Mocha Cappuccinos.

It was a rainy morning and we were afraid it would be rained out but the rain stopped when the race started. We all split up along the course to cheer her on at different segments. It was so much fun to cheer on all the triathletes! There were even a few 9 and 14 year olds competing. You go girls! Kathleen and I had a chant of "swim bike run you're number 1!" But when we spotted Anna we altered it to "swim bike run Anna's number 1!". At the bike segment when we couldn't see her we cheered on others and took a bunch of selfies. One triathlete told us we were great. Yes, yes we are.

It was a very exciting morning and we all had fun supporting Anna in her race! I didn't get any finish line pictures of her because we were going too crazy cheering her on. I may or may not have been looking up road bikes all this week. My next goal is to be a triathlete. But maybe after marathon training. 

For more on her triathlon you can check out her race recap on her blog at http://annatris.blogspot.com/

Happy Friday!

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