A blue run and a broken watch

July 17, 2013

It's a day off of everything! Except training, that is. I don't have work or volunteering at Vacation Bible School today so I was able to sleep in a bit later than usual which I needed. It has been raining here all week and that brought "cooler" weather. My run was around 11am which is usually 109 degrees but today felt windy and maybe closer to 98 degrees. Ahhh. I'm kidding by the way. Here is why I am not complaining. 

I am not sure how it happened but everything I wore was blue today. Even my Gatorade was blue. I definitely felt better on today's 45 minute run! I kept the miles fast but not too hard. Towards the last couple of miles I slowed down. I have my Garmin to track my average pace rather than pace per mile so it said I was averaging 8:43 overall. 

Mile 1: 8:20
Mile 2: 8:19
Mile 3: 8:13
Mile 4: 8:35
Mile 5: 8:43

And then this happened. 

My Garmin connect strap thingy broke which I am pretty bummed about since they are so expensive. I will have to ask my dad about it later to see how to fix it. Speaking of breaking.. a few days ago my phone broke and I can't receive or send texts or calls, which I ignored at first because I have the worst luck at phones but now I kinda want my phone back so I am off to get it fixed! Why is everything breaking on me??

Have a great Wednesday!

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