Swimming with Sisters

June 24, 2013

My sister, Anna, just got into town today!! The first thing we did? Packed up and went to the gym! My mom went to a Kickboxing class, my dad did weights, and my sisters and I went to swim laps. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with swimming. I was on swim team for five years as a child and for one year in high school. I am adding swimming more on cross training days. Because my legs are sore from Saturday's weight routine, swimming was the perfect cross training to avoid pounding on the ground. I didn't post yesterday but there was no workout - just foam rolling and stretching and pool day.

After finishing a half marathon it is recommended to have as many days off as how many miles you ran. That is after 13.1 take 13 days off running. This is recovery week number two that is just cross training with marathon training fast approaching next monday! 

Last week workout recap: Sunday and Monday- rest days, Tuesday- indoor bike, Wednesday- rest day, Thursday- swam laps, Friday- 5 mile run, Saturday- weights, Sunday- rest day.

^^ I'm loving having my family all together ^^

Swim Workout, 1600m 
200m warmup
   4 x 100m
 4 x 50m
             8 x 25m sprints
  4 x 50m
    2 x 100m
  200m cool down 

I love swimming outdoors but the outdoor pool was too crowded so indoor swimming was the only choice. We swam almost a mile! Anna has a triathlon on Sunday so she did her taper week swimming workout. I found an intermediate swim workout for Kathleen and I to do that was tripling what we did last week. Our hard swimming workout was Anna's taper week workout.. Oh well, we will just keep swimming.

Happy Monday!


  1. You 3 look so cute together! Nice job on the cross training. I'm so bad about incorporating it into my routine.

    1. Thank you Brittany!! I love my sisters :) What do you do to cross train?? Or do you just run?


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