Speed Work

June 3, 2013

I incorporated speed work into today's run. I ran four miles with each mile a hard run then ran two hill sprints afterwards. I ran around 11am which was hot but I remembered a water bottle.

My Garmin 405 doesn't track mile splits. Instead it tracks lap pace which means I have to click the top right button after each mile to see average pace for that mile. But since I wasn't planning on doing speed work until I saw my pace was a low 7 minute mile I didn't want to stop running just to change my watch screen. I used the Garmin connect website to estimate what each pace was per mile. Mile repeats looked like:

mile one 7:06

mile two 7:01

1/2 mile jog in between sets

mile three 6:58

mile four 6:36

One mile jog home

Sweaty and gross but thumbs up to feeling strong!

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