Saturday's Long Run

June 1, 2013

Saturday's workout:
      10 mile run

I missed a lot of milage during the month of May since I got sick and was out for almost two weeks. I didn't go over a 7 mile run during that month. 

I went for a long run that felt great! It was really hot so I walked and took water breaks as needed. [[ I forgot a water bottle and I was only at mile 5 so I stopped at a friend's house who gave me some. Thank you for the water!!]] I mainly wanted to get the miles in to see if I could run a half marathon that's in two weeks. 

Since I could run 10 I'm going to sign up for the half. I posted yesterday about doing a double half which is running a half marathon on saturday then another one on sunday but decided against it after doing some research and seeing that since I missed so much training in May I wouldn't be ready for it. That just means I have something to look forward to after marathon training is over :)


  1. You are welcome on the water. Stop by anytime and knock on the door!

    1. Thank you so much! I will keep that in mind! I waved to Kathryn at the gym the other day but I don't think she saw me.. It was great seeing you all!


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