Race Week Updates

June 12, 2013

Monday 6/10, Run

40 minute easy run. There is a previous post with more on this run. The training schedule I am following this week alternates easy runs every other day with two off days.

Tuesday 6/11, Off

Stretching, foam rolling, compressioning. If I can make that a word just this one time :)

Wednesday 6/12, Run

30 minute easy run. My Garmin is out of battery so I took an old stopwatch. Actually it's not old just not as cool as my Garmin. No pace or milage, just enjoyed the beautiful day!

I'm excited for the race on Saturday because I really want to beat an hour and forty minutes but race nerves have already set in!

And tonight, movie night! My family and I are going to see Spirit of the Marathon 2. It's a one night only event, read more about it here and order tickets here. 

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