Making Aquathlon Plans

June 20, 2013

My sister and I swam laps at the gym today. My favorite website for swimming workouts is 100 swimming workouts. They take you from a very beginners swim workout all the way to swimming 1 mile in open water.

Last September, a couple of my friends and I competed in an aquathlon which is a swim and run. We had a lot of fun. My younger sister, Kathleen said we should compete in an aquathlon (or two) together this year. There are a few during the summer and then the one I did last year is at the beginning of September. So we included that on our summer goal list.

1 x 100m warmup 
4 x 50m swim
4 x 25m swim
2 x 50m swim
1 x 100m warm down

As seen on Instagram @saralynnhoffman

We channeled our inner Michael Phelps for this swim.. 


  1. Sounds like fun! I don't know of any aquathlons around here. Love the photo of you two!

    1. It is fun! It's just like a triathlon but only two events- it works for those who don't own a bike (me). We love selfies haha.

      Happy running!


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