Happy National Running Day!

June 5, 2013

It's National Running Day! Today is when most runners declare their passion for the sport on all forms of social media. Yes, I'm guilty. If you've never run before you probably think runners are crazy. And although we are, running doesn't start with a ten mile run every weekend. It takes a few months or even years to build up to that. Not every run is perfect. There are days when my 30 minute easy runs turn into a 45 minute walk. The goal is to never give up. 

Here are a few reasons why I run. 

I run...
  • to complete my first marathon
  • to complete 26 half marathons
  • so I can eat dessert
  • to run faster
  • for the bling (medals)
  • to get away from my cell phone
  • because it is fun
  • in sneakers
  • to enjoy the outdoors
  • for the Oreos
  • to justify more Lululemon purchases
  • for the cool running shoes every three months
  • like a girl
What are some reasons why you run?

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