Happy Friday, Catching Up, and Pre 13.1

June 14, 2013

Happy friday! There was so much to get done yesterday I stayed away from the internet to catch up on everything. Am I the only one who finds the internet distracting? Here are some updates.

Wednesday night my family and I went to see Spirit of the Marathon 2. The movie was so great! From the elite runners to the first timers, it was truly inspiring to see what got each of them across the finish line. It makes me even more excited to run my first marathon in 5 months. I hope others saw it as well! 

Wednesday's workout was a 30 minute easy run. 
Thursday was an off day. 
Friday is a 30 minute easy run... that I have yet to run (good thing it's only 10am)

Other things that happened yesterday: 

I finally signed up for summer school. It only took me two months... 

My new medal hanger came in (more on that later) 

I signed up for my FIRST MARATHON!

Now I'm off for a 30 minute easy run, stretching, and some foam rolling. 
Then I still need to print off directions to the race, charge my Garmin and Ipod, and get out my race clothes.

I received two free tickets to Spirit of the Marathon II from Fathom Events for promoting the event but all opinions are my own.

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