Do's and Don'ts

June 1, 2013

After today's run (at way too late in the morning), I thought to provide some tips for hot weather running.

Do's and Don'ts For Running In Hot Weather

1. Do go early! Waiting until the heat of the day (as I sometimes do) to go out and get a long run in can make you dehydrate fast. Run early in the morning or at night.

2. Don't go unprepared. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Take a water bottle, fuel belt, camelback, drink out of peoples front yard fountains. Wait, don't do that last one.

3. Do wear light weight tank tops and shorts. What's the saying? Less is more. Stay modest though. My favorite summer running outfit is Lululemon's run swiftly shortcut tank paired with the speed short. 

4. Don't forget the sunscreen. I always spray myself down with sunscreen to protect my skin no matter what time I go run.  

5. Do look up more tips online since this isn't professional writing, only out of my own experience. Stay safe in the summer heat!

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