A Day Off

June 2, 2013

I signed up for a half marathon that's less than two weeks away which could either be good because my legs will be strong from doing a lot of cross training or bad because I haven't run as much as I did before my other two half marathons... I'm hoping the first. 

My legs were feeling a bit tight after yesterday's long run so I took another off day this week. Which I don't worry about because of how much running I will be doing from July- November in marathon training. My off day today was spent with my family, cleaning my room, shopping for new shorts and GU chomps, then later work. 

Aren't these North Face shorts so cute? I've never owned anything besides Lululemon workout clothes, but no I'm not sponsored by them. I was surprised by how light weight and comfortable and amazing they are. Can't wait to wear them in my half! 13 days!

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