9 Days!

June 6, 2013

I have less than 2 weeks until half marathon #3! For new readers, I'm challenging myself to run 26 half marathons in 5 years. Which is 5-6 races a year. I didn't think I would get in another half marathon until December since I thought training started in June so I've been doing my own workouts with no training plans. After I planned my marathon training schedule I saw I had another month until training begins so I signed up for the race. Okay, I'm done with the runners rambles. I realized I haven't posted my workouts in a couple days so here is what this week has looked like:

My legs were sore after Monday's hard run so I did a 30 minute easy run. Here's a (failed) picture of me stretching afterwards.

I had the day off work and I took the day off running. I spent the morning blogging- working on my blog and helping with my sisters blog. My mom made a morning fruit and dark chocolate snack for us. It was yummy so I took a picture. I turned off social media and spent the afternoon relaxing, then went with my sister as my mom taught her driving, then later getting some vitamin D (tanning).

My mom, younger sister, and I went to F.I.T. at the gym. Lots of lunges, squats, abs, arms. You can read more about the F.I.T. class here. My sister and I got a mocha madness smoothie afterwards. I should probably mix up the smoothie since I get it every time... but it's just too good.

That's all for now! Happy running!

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