40 laps in the pool

June 28, 2013

Happy Friday!

I have been swimming laps every other day this week for cross training. Monday and Wednesday were 1600 meter swims, but today I swam 1000 meters. I was tired and knew I would not be in the mood to do a long swim workout so I found a shorter workout online. Kathleen, my younger sister, swam with me. I'm glad she came because it motivated me to keep going. It wasn't a hard workout but for some reason it felt hard today. We finished swimming, got lunch, and now are headed out shopping with my mom and older sister! It is girls day!

Swim workout:
200m warm up
4 x 50m swim
4 x 100m swim
200m cool down

Happy Swimming!

June 27, 2013

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Now on to today's workout... I went running early this morning with my older sister, Anna. We went for a 45 minute tempo run. After the run, we finished around 4.70 miles so we walked the rest of the way home to make it 5.10 miles in all. 

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It's Girls Night!

June 26, 2013

Hello all! And happy Wednesday! Today my older sister, who is in town for the next week, and I went to swim laps together at the gym. Only an easy mile swim ;) She followed her half Ironman plan and I followed a swim workout I found online and they both were 1600m. My mom and younger sister, Kathleen, went to a Total Conditioning class. We all had a workout buddy which is my favorite. My swim workout was:

200m warmup
  4 x 100m
4 x 50m
  4 x 100m
4 x 50m
200m cool down

Afterwards us four girls met up for dinner at Whole Foods. 

I love my sisters!

We are all loving having Anna home! She lives in a different state so Face Time is the only option but when she is in town everything is so much fun. Anna and I are having a "blog date" which the next post will explain more about. Don't forget to follow my blog at Bloglovin'. That's all for now! 

Tell me your workout for the day!

What did you do today?

Any fun plans the rest of the week?
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A No Bake Snack

June 25, 2013

Photo from Pinterest
I didn't workout today so here is a food post instead. This week I am taking it easy with workouts because once marathon training starts for the next five months there won't be days that I can choose to just take off. I had planned on hot yoga today, I even was dressed and ready to go, but after a full day of chasing around two boys while nannying I was just too tired. 

I love this quick snack recipe off of Pinterest. These are called No Bake Energy Bites: 

1 cup (dry) oatmeal 
1/2 cup chocolate chips 
1/2 cup peanut butter 
1/2 cup ground flaxseed 
1/3 cup honey 
1 tsp. vanilla 

Mix ingredients together in a large bowl. Roll into bite size balls. Refrigerate to set. Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!

Swimming with Sisters

June 24, 2013

My sister, Anna, just got into town today!! The first thing we did? Packed up and went to the gym! My mom went to a Kickboxing class, my dad did weights, and my sisters and I went to swim laps. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with swimming. I was on swim team for five years as a child and for one year in high school. I am adding swimming more on cross training days. Because my legs are sore from Saturday's weight routine, swimming was the perfect cross training to avoid pounding on the ground. I didn't post yesterday but there was no workout - just foam rolling and stretching and pool day.

After finishing a half marathon it is recommended to have as many days off as how many miles you ran. That is after 13.1 take 13 days off running. This is recovery week number two that is just cross training with marathon training fast approaching next monday! 

Last week workout recap: Sunday and Monday- rest days, Tuesday- indoor bike, Wednesday- rest day, Thursday- swam laps, Friday- 5 mile run, Saturday- weights, Sunday- rest day.

^^ I'm loving having my family all together ^^

Swim Workout, 1600m 
200m warmup
   4 x 100m
 4 x 50m
             8 x 25m sprints
  4 x 50m
    2 x 100m
  200m cool down 

I love swimming outdoors but the outdoor pool was too crowded so indoor swimming was the only choice. We swam almost a mile! Anna has a triathlon on Sunday so she did her taper week swimming workout. I found an intermediate swim workout for Kathleen and I to do that was tripling what we did last week. Our hard swimming workout was Anna's taper week workout.. Oh well, we will just keep swimming.

Happy Monday!

Working on Strength

June 22, 2013

Saturday's Workout:
       Weights// 50mins

I didn't feel like going to the gym or running today so I followed a weight training video in my garage instead. The video is my dad's and is called Body Beast. The workout is lunges, squats, more lunges, deadlifts, side squats, calf raises, and some ab work. It is easy to follow along- I just adjust to lighter weights of 10s, 12s, and 15s to make it work for me. But that doesn't make it an easy workout.. 

The last time I did this workout was... a long time ago. 2 months too long ago. I already know I will be sore tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Five Mile Friday

June 21, 2013

Friday's workout:
    5.0 miles/ 46mins

Last night I celebrated my sweet friend, Amy's, birthday at Macaroni Grill. I only knew two girls but when we started talking you would have thought we were all best friends. Well hopefully I wasn't the only one who thought that. They were so sweet and it was a lot of fun. Because I know runsararun.blogspot.com is her favorite website, have a happy birthday Amy! ;)

This morning I ran with my younger sister when it was way too hot! We were sweating, it was hot and gross, but we kept a decent pace and finished the run. After the run she said maybe the marathon is a bad idea... I said no don't give up! Actually, I can't remember what I said but it was probably really inspirational. I didn't plan on running until tomorrow but I wanted to sweat so we decided on an easy, slow run. After the run we relaxed at our gym's pool. It is already a happy friday!

Making Aquathlon Plans

June 20, 2013

My sister and I swam laps at the gym today. My favorite website for swimming workouts is 100 swimming workouts. They take you from a very beginners swim workout all the way to swimming 1 mile in open water.

Last September, a couple of my friends and I competed in an aquathlon which is a swim and run. We had a lot of fun. My younger sister, Kathleen said we should compete in an aquathlon (or two) together this year. There are a few during the summer and then the one I did last year is at the beginning of September. So we included that on our summer goal list.

1 x 100m warmup 
4 x 50m swim
4 x 25m swim
2 x 50m swim
1 x 100m warm down

As seen on Instagram @saralynnhoffman

We channeled our inner Michael Phelps for this swim.. 

My medal hanger is in!!

June 19, 2013

As I promised, a whole post on my new medal hanger! 

Well actually I didn't promise that but here it is anyways. Before I created this blog I wanted a motto/ quote that described my blog and running as a whole. I spent awhile searching google for running quotes and I finally came across one that I felt accurately described who I am as a runner... It was a close call between "You may puke and die but keep going" and "I run like a girl. Try to keep up"

I ordered this medal hanger off this website and got it in last week but just got around to hanging it today. So there you have it- a place to display my 26 before 26 medals!

Post Race Recovery

June 18, 2013

This is recovery week after my half marathon on Saturday.

I spent Saturday morning relaxing and resting. I also made sure to stretch and foam roll afterwards so I wouldn't be so sore. I never post food pictures but don't worry I did eat a lot! Later that afternoon my mom, sister and I went to church, out to eat, and then shopped for Father's Day. I had been craving a double meat double cheese hamburger all day and I finally got one that night! A few non-running photos are below.

Although I feel strong I’m taking this week slow. Recovery is important to avoid injury. There are plenty of post race recovery plans but I do my own plan for recovery week because only I know how I feel after a race. I took two days off of any exercise- only stretched. Today I am cross training -- indoor bike for about 20 to 30 minutes. My older sister gets into town next week and we are getting deep tissue massages! This is the sister training for a half ironman, we are treating ourselves for our hard work ;) I'm looking forward to that and to having her back in town!!

That's all for now! Happy Tuesday!

Race Recap: Half Marathon #3

June 15, 2013

I finished half marathon #3 this morning! 3 half's down, 23 to go! My morning started early at 4:15am. My mom and younger sister came to cheer me on so they got up early with me. My other family members are out of town so they cheered from afar. I ate a small pre race meal of toast and an apple. Race outfit included:

As seen on Instagram @saralynnhoffman
Packet pick up was between 5:15 and 5:45am and the race started at 6am. By 5am we were out the door on our way to the race start. The morning was humid so I ditched the compression sleeves. They were only to look cute anyways ;)

I wanted to try a different race strategy so I started right at the start line rather than starting in the back of the group and making my way around people. When I ran this race a month ago I started at a 9:30 minute per mile pace for the first 6 miles then had a negative split of 7:45 minute per mile on the last 7 miles. I decided to get out at a faster pace to see how it would feel and it felt great for awhile until my mouth became dry from the humidity. I kept up the faster pace for as long as I could.

Mile 1 through 6 pace: 7:47

Mile 7 through 13 pace: 8:15 

The race was out and back of 3.2 something miles making one loop a little over 6 miles. I repeated the loop twice. At mile 6 where the first loop ended I saw my mom and sister. My mom asked if I wanted more Gu chomps or a water bottle and I took both. There were aid stations on the course but a little ways apart, I kept the water bottle to constantly sip. 

The race consisted of a variety of lengths, 10k, 50k, 13.1, 26.2 to name a few. Since I started at the front of the group and because most people were running longer lengths not at a fast pace I was ahead of the group. At one point a boy around my age passed me. I had a goal to win the race so my competitive side came out and I ran right behind him until I could pass him. For about 4 miles we would switch off of him passing me, me passing him and so forth. I did not want him to beat me so when he turned back around at mile 10 and I was almost to the turn I yelled out "What are you running?? The half or full?" He said "The 50 miler!" When I realized he was running a different race than me I told him he was doing great. 

I was hoping for negative splits but wasn't able to keep it up. I kept the low 8 minute pace until mile 10 and kept telling myself only three miles left, run faster, go go. I saw my mom and sister on the course when I had .4 miles left which gave me a boost to finish. They ran in to the finish with me :)

I finished in 1:48. Not a PR but I don't mind because it was so hot and I was sweating so much. I ended up being the overall half marathon winner! The second place guy came in without seeing me and asked if he won when a girl standing next to him said "No, she did." What can I say.. I run like a girl. Try to keep up. 

Note to self: next time wear water proof mascara. I know I'm not the only one who wants to look good for those race photos.

I can't thank my mom and sister enough for getting up way too early, making me signs, and coming to the race.  It meant so much to me having them there. Especially having them support me and run in the last few yards with me. For when I make you guys read this later, I love you both so much! And thank you to my other family members, friends, and running bloggers who texted and called to wish me good luck! 

Up next: a couple weeks to rest and cross train then marathon training starting July 1st!

Happy Friday, Catching Up, and Pre 13.1

June 14, 2013

Happy friday! There was so much to get done yesterday I stayed away from the internet to catch up on everything. Am I the only one who finds the internet distracting? Here are some updates.

Wednesday night my family and I went to see Spirit of the Marathon 2. The movie was so great! From the elite runners to the first timers, it was truly inspiring to see what got each of them across the finish line. It makes me even more excited to run my first marathon in 5 months. I hope others saw it as well! 

Wednesday's workout was a 30 minute easy run. 
Thursday was an off day. 
Friday is a 30 minute easy run... that I have yet to run (good thing it's only 10am)

Other things that happened yesterday: 

I finally signed up for summer school. It only took me two months... 

My new medal hanger came in (more on that later) 

I signed up for my FIRST MARATHON!

Now I'm off for a 30 minute easy run, stretching, and some foam rolling. 
Then I still need to print off directions to the race, charge my Garmin and Ipod, and get out my race clothes.

I received two free tickets to Spirit of the Marathon II from Fathom Events for promoting the event but all opinions are my own.

Race Week Updates

June 12, 2013

Monday 6/10, Run

40 minute easy run. There is a previous post with more on this run. The training schedule I am following this week alternates easy runs every other day with two off days.

Tuesday 6/11, Off

Stretching, foam rolling, compressioning. If I can make that a word just this one time :)

Wednesday 6/12, Run

30 minute easy run. My Garmin is out of battery so I took an old stopwatch. Actually it's not old just not as cool as my Garmin. No pace or milage, just enjoyed the beautiful day!

I'm excited for the race on Saturday because I really want to beat an hour and forty minutes but race nerves have already set in!

And tonight, movie night! My family and I are going to see Spirit of the Marathon 2. It's a one night only event, read more about it here and order tickets here. 

It's Race Week!

June 10, 2013

I feel like I always print off half marathon training plans to follow but each of my half marathons have been so last minute sign up that I really don't follow a plan at all. I'm still trying to figure out if that is good or not. My next half marathon is this Saturday which makes it taper week. 

Recap of workouts for the weekend. Saturday was an 8 mile run. Sunday was an off day which means stretching, foam rolling, and icing only. 

I follow a running plan only for race week so I don't do too much during that week. Today was a 40 minute easy run. I worked this morning so I didn't run until late this afternoon. It was hot! I took it embarrassingly slow, brought a water bottle, and ran those 40 minutes easy.

 Jumping because it's race week! And taper week! Still working on cooler poses..

As seen on Instagram

Also, check out my sister's blog she had a swim and run race this past weekend which she did awesome in.
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