Two- A- Day

May 30, 2013

Thursday's Workout:  
       5.5 mile run
       F.I.T/ 60mins

My Garmin ran out of battery before I started my run so I just ran with a watch for time and used map my run to see how far I ran. While I was out running, Kathleen rode the indoor bike.

Then Kathleen, my younger sister, and I went to the gym for a F.I.T. class at the gym. It stands for Functional Integrated Training and the description read "Challenge yourself beyond traditional strength training with this advanced, total body functional strength training class. We will challenge your muscular endurance as well as balance and coordination by moving through all planes of motion with multi-joint and compound exercises." All I got from that is it's a strength training class. It was tough but we worked through it and pushed ourselves. 

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