The Sisters Who Race

May 9, 2013

My sisters + I ^^    
My older sister is married and lives in another state but we call and face time all the time so it's like she still lives here. Kind of... I wish... Last weekend my sisters and I all had a race. We didn't realize it was sisters racing weekend until we were on the phone talking about weekend plans.

My younger sister had her regionals track meet. She placed 3rd in the 2 mile and 1st in the mile so it is on to state for her. I can't wait to cheer her on this weekend!

My older sister is in half ironman training and signed up for a splash n' dash. She swam 500m and ran 2 miles. She placed first in her age group! Only she can swim and run and still look good for finishers pictures.

And I had a half marathon. I didn't take many pictures so here's a repeat.. My bad

We are the sisters who race and we all placed first! I love that we all love racing and can support each other. Because sisters who race together, stay together. Yeah.. I just made that up.

Racing is almost as exciting as this fuel belt!


  1. I spy some procompression socks there....

    1. apparently they were having a great sale.. i wonder who told me that :)


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