Straight from the Pool

May 26, 2013

This morning was the last time I'll play orchestra regularly for the next few months. Orchestra has the summer off and I'm taking off next semester so I can focus on school, marathon training, and my job too. Marathon training takes a lot of time and since I really want to run it this year I had to choose which things I would have to temporarily put off. 

You may (*should) have noticed I changed the look of my blog. I loved redesigning it myself! After hours of sitting down and focusing only on the blog, I learned how to customize it without having someone do it for me. I may or may not have run all over the house showing everyone in my family the new look, and shared it to Facebook and Instagram... but hey, if it took me three hours I want at least one person to appreciate it. 

Workout today was swimming laps. My sister's and I went to the gym and had a photoshoot swam really hard. We are still following a beginners swim workout since it's only the second day of swimming ;) Workout was:
6x50s warmup
2x100s swim
8x25s sprints
2x50s cool downs

As seen on Instagram. 

And now that I've been trying to perfect this blog all day, I'm done. Happy Sunday!

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