Running Our Own 5k

May 25, 2013

This morning my family and I were supposed to run a 5k but thunderstorms and flash floods aren't the ideal running conditions so the run was cancelled. We were disappointed we couldn't race but we had a sweet friend over (who was going to run with us) so we enjoyed her company, we got to sleep in late, and we got to enjoy a big family breakfast. 

For those who don't know, my family is very competitive. Last night my dad was saying we would all be looking at his shoe soles the whole race while my younger sister was saying he was just an old man and we would lap him while I was saying I was going to win that cash prize. Maybe it was good the race was cancelled because someone would have probably end up hurt. 

I had the mindset of taking the day off but my family was heading out for a run and I can't just sit around while they run so I went too. Note to all, gushers are a terrible "pre race" snack.  The sun was out by the afternoon so we raced each other as we made our way around the 3 mile loop. 

Rain may cancel a 5k but it isn't slowing down this family of runners!

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