Runner's Tips

May 28, 2013

Today's post is about running tips. If you are a beginner runner or want to start adding running into your workout routine, I hope you'll learn something new in this post!

Tip 1. So you want to start running? That's great! But first, you need the right shoes. Not your old tennis shoes from high school, not cheerleading shoes, and definitely not your sisters shoes. 

I recommend going to a running store and asking for help with fit, feel, comfort, etc. Most running stores have people who have that job so you don't have to stare at the walls. 

Tip 2. After you have your new shoes you're ready to run. Warm up to increase breathing slowly. This can be walking for the first few minutes, jogging for the next, then getting in to a solid run pace. Don't do too much too soon. Start with a mile or so and add on one mile each week or every other week. After you finish your first run cool down, jog it out a bit then walk. Stretch after. Stretching is key so you won't be so sore the next day. As you are just starting running you should slowly work your body into this new routine. Watch the video below for ideas on stretches to do before or after you run.

Tip 3. Make sure you have good form. Your chest should be upright, not bent over. When you run, your heel should strike the ground first. Don't worry about your pace, distance, or being out of breath on your first run. Just have fun and know you're doing great. 

Tip 4. Make goals and have patience. Ideas for goals are: run your first 5k, run two miles without stopping, run more to keep in shape. Whatever your goals may be keep it in mind to keep you motivated. It will take time, but if you keep running regularly you will reach your goals! 

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