Half Marathon #2

May 4, 2013

My morning started bright dark and early at 4am. Which I didn't mind since I don't sleep well the night before races anyways. Just like at the Alamo 13.1 I did in March, I had never heard of this race before. The race name is I Ran Marathons and they have a five day marathon challenge to complete in three days. There were different days/times you could run a number of distances but I chose Saturday's (todays) half marathon.

My younger sister took the foam roller with her to her regionals track meet so last night I had to "foam roll" with a soup can. Hey, it worked just the same.

Make-do foam roller

The race started at 6am. 
Rather than an expo, because the event is small, packet pickup was at the location at 5:30am. I thought I knew where I was going so I got a quick, small breakfast and headed out. I ended up getting lost. And since it was 4:45am I had no one to call and I couldn't see (except maybe a street light). My GPS said I was "at my destination" when I was sitting in a walmart parking lot. Needless to say I panicked and started crying thinking I was going to be late and miss my race. 

The location was behind the walmart parking lot, so after driving around trying to figure out where I was I realized I was five inches from the location the whole time. 

As seen on Instagram @runsararun
I had originally planned to wear just my new Lululemon tank and shorts to the race. However, it was 45 degrees this morning in May so I added a jacket and my pro compression socks. They say you shouldn't wear new gear, or take new gels, or do anything new for that matter.. but I did. These Lululemon speed shorts worked great. I love that Lululemon is both cute and comfortable! I also tried a new gel which was coffee flavored, I think, but I didn't like the taste.

One of my sisters, Liz, came to watch me run. This race was an out and back trail race. So that meant I ran the 6.5 mile loop twice. Luckily, trails meant pavement under trees rather than rocks, obstacles, and loose gravel. This wasn't really a viewing race since the trails were small and there wasn't a place for people to stand and cheer except for at the start/finish which was at the entrance to the trails. I didn't think she would see me much so I told her not to get there at 6am. She decided to come around 7:30am when I would be finishing up.

I got a sign and everything!
Even if she was holding it upside down without realizing it I still understood the message ;)

I'm bad at estimating but I would say less than 20 people were at the race. Which is tinyyy but good because then I wouldn't have to fight my way around runners.

The first three miles were pitch black and I was running alone. I checked my pace and my garmin said I was averaging 8:45 per mile so I just took that and kept going. I told myself to have fun even if I didn't beat my previous time of 1:45. I couldn't figure out where the other runners were but when I reached the 3 mile mark and turned around I found them all. Most of them were doing the full marathon so of course they weren't going my pace.

I did a body check at mile six after I finished the first loop and couldn't feel anything. It was so cold and I'm a wuss when it comes to cold. Might as well take advantage of not being able to feel your legs right?? My watch said I was averaging an 8:15 for the first 6 miles and I was feeling good so I decided I was going to try running less than 8 minute miles for the next 6 miles.

I ended up with a PR of 1:42 averaging 7:46 per mile! When I finished the race director said "Congrats! You're halfway done!" I was like what. Then realizing what she was talking about I said no no I'm only doing the half!

And I got this cool finishers medal. 2 half marathons down, 24 to go.

After a two hour nap I made some coffee (at noon) and a feast, I mean lunch.
All I can think about is going to sleep.
And about when my next race will be :)

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