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May 31, 2013

There's a lot to catch up on so I'm organizing the post with headings for fun and starting with my workout!

Today's Workout
Today's workout was ballet body fusion, another class at my gym. Yes, I'm obsessed with the gym! It has different ballet exercises mixed with Pilates. The best part is that non-dancers are welcome (that's me) so I can go without judgement. Or hoping that there's no judgement. There were a bunch of leg workouts and some arm weights. So. Many. Squats.

Training Program
Because I'm running my first marathon in November I want to be careful not to run too much or too little. I got organized the other day- I bought a calendar, printed out my running schedule and wrote in each day's workout for 26 weeks. My program is a 26 week program but there are other ones that are longer or shorter. Training officially starts July 1st so I've been trying to find a half to sneak in before then. It's usually hard to find half marathons during the summer but I finally found one! I've been wanting to try a double half for the past couple of months so June 15 and 16 I'll be running that!

My Lunch, just because.
And here's what I ate for lunch. Not shown: a bowl of cookies n cream ice cream :)

Going Social
You may have noticed RunSaraRun is going social. On the left hand side of the page if you scroll down a bit you'll see Instagram and Pinterest links. Those are still a work in progress but I hope you'll follow along.

Workout Video
I used to find youtube videos for different exercises to do but then that all changed when I got a gym membership and now use the classes as weight//leg//arm workouts instead. But for those who don't have a gym I'm posting one of my favorite workout videos. This girl has a bunch of other videos called POP Pilates all on youtube. They are short workouts, but you'll feel the burn. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday!!

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