I gave up.

April 20, 2013

I would rather say "I DID IT!" than "I GAVE UP."

Two years ago, my dad and I had an idea of running a marathon together. My whole family runs so it runs in the family, get it ;). We started training together that summer which included waking up earlier than the world throughout the week to get in a run before the summer heat hit at 8am. I can make up excuses that my first year in college was too much to handle or that working each night of the week after school was exhausting but the truth is I gave up. 

The thing with running a marathon is you have to WANT it. You can't just go run 26 miles. You have to train hard and long. Your body will want to quit, your mind will tell you to give up and go back to bed, your legs will hate you. One Saturday morning we had an 11 miler to do and let me tell you it was tough. That morning, at 5:45am, I quit before I even started. Instead of thinking positively and motivating myself to keep going through the pain, I told myself to quit. And I did. I quit. Don't let anyone tell you running isn't 90% mental. 

My dad kept training. He would wake up early saturday mornings while we slept in and would go for his 15, 18 or even 20 mile runs. He would loop throughout neighborhoods over and over and over just to get the miles in. He never gave up because he wanted it. After six months of training, he completed the marathon and it was rewarding. I wanted to write this post so that one 5:45am morning this summer when I don't want to get out of bed I will read this and be motivated to keep going. I want to run the marathon so I can say I did it rather than I gave up. 

In fact, I want to run 26 marathons so I can make up for that day two years ago when I didn't keep running.

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