Half Marathon #1

April 18, 2013

A few weeks ago I ran the Alamo 13.1. You may have read all over my blog that I have a goal of running twenty six half marathons/full marathons by the time I turn 26. I had never heard of this half marathon before so I decided to try it out. I normally like to do races with other people but I signed up for the race last minute and all my runner friends said they wouldn't be ready to run a half marathon in three weeks.

I ran alone but I did have a fan club :). I'm very thankful for my parents who woke up way before anyone should and ran all over downtown to see me run. My parents dropped me off at the start as they went to find parking. It was still pitch black because it was 6am. I went to find the bathroom and warmth because there's no way I'm using a porta-potty. As I sat in the lobby of a warm hotel I had no idea my parent's were frantically searching for me with loud speakers. It was a pretty fun [and cold] morning. I LOVE you mom and dad!

A few race photos and finishing pictures:

Should I mention that Alamo 13.1 was giving away free prizes and I won Maui Jim sunglasses? I finished in 1:45 and some change. That was a PR! And I won first place in my age group. Maybe that's why I liked the race so much..

Thank you for a great race Alamo 13.1! See you next year!

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