February 19, 2018

One of my favorite hobbies (besides swimbikerun and more running) is hiking. I'm inside 12+ hours at work. On my days off I try to get outside as much as possible. 

All of these pictures are from my phone. They are from my favorite hikes some in Colorado and some in Texas. 

2018 Goals

February 18, 2018

I don't know how many people still read this blog but I have spent the last few months finishing up my BSN. In the summer of 2017 I was accepted to work as a nurse intern and put in hours for the internship while I studied and completed my last semester of nursing school. I raced a triathlon in August then took off the rest of the year to solely focus on school/work. I graduated in December, took my NCLEX in January, and I'm officially a registered nurse!

Now that I am finished with school I'm able to get back into racing again. I'm happy to be back to the running world. I still haven't completely decided what races I want to do but I have some goals that I want to look into this year.

2018 goals:

  • Run the Alamo 26.2 in March
  • Run the NYC Marathon (I entered the lottery once again and find out results February 28th)
  • Race a sprint or olympic distance triathlon
  • Race a half ironman (I have two weeks to decide/commit to this one)
  • Race 2 half marathons 
  • Blog more than 7 times this year ;) 
  • Move into my first apartment

5 reasons I love SPIbelt

July 20, 2017

I ran with SPIbelt since my first marathon back in 2011 when I stumbled upon the kiosk at the race expo and my dad told me it would "be a good idea to carry something like this during your race." I bought it and never stopped using it. I told my sisters about it and each bought one as well for their races. You wouldn't believe my excitement when I applied for their ambassador program and I got in!! I couldn't wait to be a part of the team and share a product I love so much! 

Here are my top five reasons for loving SPIbelt...

1. I can move the pouch wherever I want it to go
Some race belts only face one direction. If you moved it around to the back it would just be awkward. But SPIbelt fits comfortably and can be moved anywhere around the waist.

2. There are different sized pouch options
There are simple pouches that fit your phone or bigger pouches that can fit phone, keys, gels, and have an inner pouch.

3. Easy to open, especially during races
I don't want to be fighting a zipper during a race and I never have to because these belts open easily.

4.  Doesn't leak! Doesn't bounce!
Ok, so that's like two reasons in one but ya get me.

5. There are tons of different styles to choose from

Go shop SPIbelt and don't forget to use "sara2017" for  a 15% discount on SPIbelt products!!

Race Recap: Tri for Old Glory

July 18, 2017

In May I had no idea if I was even going to race this Summer. I had summer classes to finish, working 12 hour shifts, babysitting on my days off, and mainly lifting weights and running. I hadn't swam since December and my bike was hanging in the garage. My older sister came into town and she raced a bunch in the past and she told me to just do it. Triathlons are fun and sprint tris are easier to train for. In June, I started adding in a few more workouts and planning better. July 12th was race day. 

500 meters in 11.21mins

This was my first open water swim with ZERO anxiety. I don't know how it happened but I literally swam like I was in a pool. I felt calm and comfortable. I took three strokes then sighted the next buoy. 

I'm the white cap ^^  No, I'm kidding this isn't even my wave. 

11 miles @ 15.2mph in 43.17mins

I started off the bike on the ground. The man clipping in right in front of me completely stopped to get on his bike and I wasn't expecting that. When I tried to back up I slipped because #bikeshoesnogrips and fell on my bum.

The race directors warned of a steep hill starting off the bike and that we should get off and walk up due to the high traffic of falling. He said in the past 80% of racers fell at the hill. After clipping in, I told my sister "ok, this counts as me falling one time" and hoped I made it up the hill.

And I did. The bike was an 11 mile loop around country roads. It was a beautiful course and I felt good on the bike considering I only rode about 4 times in training before the race.

7:43min/mile pace for 22.24mins

I got off the bike and began the run chasing down the next runner in front of me. By this time (9am), it was 90ish degrees on black pavement. I pushed through to keep up a good pace.

I finished in 1:19xx with a 1st place age group win and 6th female finisher!!

^^ TriMafia has my back ;)

Double the medals!

I'm glad I decided to race this Summer as it reminded me that racing is a part of who I am. It's fun and exciting and it keeps me motivated. I've got another triathlon in a month!

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